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First off I want to thank God for taking care of me end for allowing me to have this amazing experience. I want to thank my parents and brother and sister (John, Judy, Matt and Michelle) for being there for me and for their love and support. I want to thank all of my fans for theirs dedication'. Because of you guys I have had the opportunity to experience so many wonderful things. To be out on stage and performing is one of the most amazing feelings. You guys rock! I want to thank to my manager, Shauna Gold, for all of the dedication she has put into my career, and for being honest and real. I love you so much, Shauna, you deserve all of the credit in the world. Thank you to Terry McBride, Dan Fraser and everyone else at Nettwerk Management. Thank you John Rummer and Kim Kinakin at Artwerks and Brent Muhle at Nettmedia for helping with my vision in the designing process. Antonio 'LA' Reid, thanks for believing in me and signing me, you gave me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You were amazing to work with. Thank you to Adam Lowenberg, Josh Sarubin, Hilary Siskind, Laura Swanson, Karen Yee, Samantha Lecca, Soraya Akhavi, Frances Georgeson, Zeeshan Zaidi and everyone else at Arista. You have all been amazing to work with. Thank you to Lisa Zbitnew, Shane Carter, Dave Harris, Sean Cordner and everyone else at GMG Canada, and everyone at BMG around the world. Thanks again to Peter Zizzo for taking me under your wing in the very beginning, when I was 15 years old. Thank you to the bois I love' Matt Brann, Evan Taubenfeld, Charlie Moniz and Craig Wood. I couldn't ask for a better group of guys to tour with. I've got 2 words for ya (HEY YEAH!). Thank you to Jesse Colburn. My best friend, my sister, my mentor, my girl' Chantal Kreviazuk. Thank you for being there for me for everything. God put us together. Thank you for the wonderful friendship that we share and all of the memories. Having someone like you involved with my record was what I wanted. Thanks for the good times and all the fun collaborations. I love you with all my heart. Raine Maida, you're a lot like me, we were always on the same pege. You got me. Thanks for working so hard on my record and for all of the nights you stayed up without any sleep. You did an amazing job. Thanks for caring and for being a friend, for all of your advice and involvement. We all had too much fun! (Hey Rowan). Thank you Raine and Chantal for everything. Don Gilmore, I totally look up to you. I am honoured to have worked with you, I think you are amazing. Thank you to Butch Walker, you were really fun to work with and I think you are a great producer'. Apple martinis, baby! Thank you to Ben Moody for collaborating with me, and for the friendship. Good times bro, keep 'em rollin'! Thank you to Cliff Magness for being there for me again. Thank you, Chris Taylor. I also want to thank Tyler Colton and Monique Morrison (aka CT's!). Thank you, Leah Smith, for being the coolest ever. Thank-you to Stefani Tortorella, Thank you to Randy Staub and Tom Lord-Alde for mixing the record. Thank you to Sam and Eric from War Child. A very special thank you to Kenna Danyliw for all of your hours, loyalty and dedication. Thank you everyone for your involvement. This is my dream and you're all part of it.