Letra Ain't It Funny Remix de Jlo F Ja Rule

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(ja rule)

Murder inc
It must be the ass that got me like damn
If it get any fatter man the rule gonna have to get at her
And our situation wont matter
I come to make ya smile in the freakiest manners
J to the l o hello
No I?m not lee harvey oswald I?m the rule with the shock call
Off the wall like m.j in his early days
Its the inc lopez now:

(j lo)

Aint that funny.....
Its been a while since ya came around
Now ya wanna see what?s goin down
Tryin to tell me how you want my time
Tryin to tell me how I?m on your mind (on your mind)
See it never had to be this way..
You should of never played the games you played
Now I?m seeing that your kinda lame
Knowin how the situation changed

Aint that funny..aint it funny
Baby that you want me when you had me
Love is crazy
Now I can smile and say
Aint that funny

Aint it funny
Baby that you want me when you had me
Love is crazy
I?m glad I can smile and say and that funny

I remember how you walked away
Even when I tried to call your name
See at first I didn?t understand
Now your lookin like a lonely man (lonely man)
I remember how you did me wrong
Now your hurtin cuz my love is gone
Everybody gets a chance to burn
You can take it as a lesson learned


(cadillac tah)

C.a double d high double dos my
Fly by red line testerosa and
Oh I never been a sucker for chok cha
Spit the izm hit em get rid of em and you know tah
Get it gully and ain?t that funny
How they want me see me workin with money
But caddy ain?t a dummy
What these grodes want from me
Cuz all I got is g j lo and murdah inc

(j lo)

I really wish you wouldn?t send me gifts
Tryin to make me sit and reminiss
Tryin to blind me with your blingy bling
I thought I told ya love don?t cost a thing (love don?t cost a thing)
Hope you realize that now I?m through
And I don?t ever wanna hear from you
I?ve had enough of bein there for you
Now I?m laughin while you play the fool


(j lo and ja rule)
Baby is that your girlfriend?
I got my boyfriend
Maybe we can be friends na na na na na na
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Baby I got my boyfriend
Is that your girlfriend?
Maybe we can be friends na na na na na na