Letra All I really want de R Kelly

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Baby, we been knowing each other for a long, long time for somethin´ like this to just go and break up everything.

[Verse 1:]
Here we are, just sittin´ here
Knowin´ we´re all alone
My Rolley´s lookin´ at me
Sayin´ it´s time to get it on
You know what I want
And baby, I know what you need
So stop hesitatin´, girl
And give your love to me.

All I really want is to love you, babe
Make your body feel like heaven, babe
I just wanna satisfy ya, babe
That´s all I want, that´s all I want
I just wanna give ya somethin´, babe
Just wanna keep it comin´, babe
I just wanna make you happy, babe
That´s all I want, that´s all I want.

[Verse 2:]
Though the fireplace is burnin´ marshmallows just right
To who it may concern
You won´t be comin´ home tonight
Body parts that he DON´T kiss
Girl, I will kiss for you
Just put this CD on the repeat
And let me pamper you.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3:]
Now the swimmin´ pool´s out back
Come on and skinny dip, baby
Eat breakfast in the morning
That´ll be complements of me
In the middle of the night
There´s no need for morning here
So hold your pillow tight
Cuz I wanna do it again and again.

[Repeat Chorus]

(Til the sun comes up)
Baby, we´ll be makin´ love
(And when the sun goes down)
Still we won´t have enough
Take this love to you
I will take care of all you need
Baby, lets asure
I just wanna set you free, free.

[Repeat Chorus til fade]