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And the award goes to...
The pretty boy himself
Let´s hear it for Mase
And Harlem World
Harlem World

Where is he?
Is he coming up?
Is he here?
Are we gonna have to accept the award for him?
Is he coming up?
OK, there he is
There he is
Come on up here
Alright, congratulations Mase

[Award Crasher]
Hey yo, we did it nigga, what
I wanna give shouts to my niggas uptown the X
My nigga´s in BK
My nigga´s in Beamore, Ho!
My nigga´s all over
My nigga´s in Texas, LA....

Yo, yo, dog, can I talk?
It is my award, right?
Yo, I didn´t really come up here wit no list
Cuz I wasn´t sure if nigga was gonna jerk me again
But.. you know, yeah
For a long time, you knowumsayin´?
Me and B been wanting this award and shit
Could y´all be quiet on the top?
But anyway, you know
The niggas I wanted to see me get this award
They ain´t even here so..
I don´t even know half these nigga´s on the stage right now
These ain´t even my same nigga´s, B
These nigga´s are suckin´ dick
And on the real B, I don´t even want this award

[Award Crasher]
Nah, he right though, he right
I ain´t spose to be up here and all that but
Fuck me, I wanted to shout my nigga´s out
Yo, Mase, word up
I fuck wit chu dog, for real