Letra Because of you de Kelly Crarkson

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I will not make/ the same mistakes that you did/ i will not let myself/ cause my heart so much misery/ i wil not break/ the way you did, you fell so hard/ i´ve learned the hard way/ to never let it get that far/ because of you / i never stay too far from the sidewalk/ because of you/ i learned to play on the safe side so i dont get hurt/ because of you im afraid/ i lose my way/ and its not too long before you point out/ i can not cry/ because i know thats weakness in your eyes/ im forced to fake/ a smile, a laugh, every day of my life / my heart cant possibly break/ when it wasnt even whole to start with/ i watched you die/ i heard you cry every night in your sleep/i was so young/ you should have known better than to learn to me/ you never thought of anyone else/you just saw your pin/and now i cry in the middle ofthe night/ for the same damn thing/ because of you/ because of you/ because of you i never atray too far from the sidewalk/ because of you i learned to play on the safe side so i didnt hurt / because of you/ i try mi hardest just to forget everything/ because of you/ i didnt know how to let anyone else in / because of you/ im ashamed of my life because it was empty/ because of you i am afraid/ because of you