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[Will. I. Am]
It?s funny how a man only thinks about the *BEEP*
You got a real big heart, but I?m lookin? at ya *BEEP*
You got a real big brains, but I?m lookin? at ya *BEEP*
Girl it ain?t no pain, let me lookin? at ya *BEEP*
[Pussycat Dolls]
I don?t give a *BEEP*
Keep lookin? at my *BEEP*
?Cos it don?t mean a thing if you lookin? at my *BEEP* (Hah)
I?m a do my thing, while you playin? with ya *BEEP*

Every boys the same, since I?ve been in seventh grade
They been tryin? to get with me, tryin? to (hahaha hahaha)
They always got a plan, to be my one ?n? only man
Wanna hold me with their hands, wanna (hahaha hahaha)

I keep turnin? them down, but they always come around
Askin? me to go around, that?s not the way it?s goin? down
?Cos they only want, only want, my (nahaha nahaha)
Only want what they want, but (nahaha nahaha)


Do you know that ?no? don?t mean ?yes?, means ?no??
So just hold up, wait a minute; let me put my two cents in ?n? one!
Just be patient, don?t be rushin? like ya anxioushin?, two
You?re just too aggressive, tryin? to get your (Ahh)

Do you know, that I know?
?N? I don?t, wanna go
Yeh they only want, only want, my (hahaha hahaha)
Only want what they want, but (nahaha nahaha)


Ooh, you got it bad, I can tell
You want it bad, but don?t yell
But what you got from me is somethin? I, somethin? I don?t need
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