Letra Best Thing That I Ever Had de Mr Knightowl

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VMF] "I need someone Oh To call a friend So baby Honey, come on, get ready I'm on my way To you" <-- Ralfi Pagan [Knightowl] (Verse 1) I think about you on a daily basis You kind of thick But it's all in the right places Who would of thought That I believe in love again It's funny how it all started, we became friends The way you looked at me, the day that I first saw you I'm so impressed, and now I can't stop thinking of you Everywhere that I turn, no matter what I'm doin' I never thought that I would let somebody new in But here I am, once again It's another situation And I love it Inside of you, I wanna shove it But I respect you And even thought I wanna wet you I take you home, and when I leave, I can't forget you I got you stuck, you're inside of my soul It is you that I'm in love, cause it is you I wanna hold Forever me and you Baby doll, til the end of time I'm so glad you be my girl because I love you Hook: (Kozme in background) [Knightowl] Cause you're the best thing that I ever had [Kozme] The best thing [Knightowl] The best thing that I ever had (I ever had) You're the best thing that I ever had [Kozme] The best thing [Knightowl] The best thing that I ever had Repeat Hook (Verse 2) Once again, I reminisce and think back about The day that I first met you, told myself, "I gotta get you" I couldn't help it Cause every time that you walked by You had me starin', baby doll, you caught my eye Now I think about you every night before I go to sleep I wish your lips were here to kiss because they're so sweet And in the middle of the night, when I awaken I be tossin' as I'm turnin' And then I start shakin' Wonderin' if you're awake If I should call you Just to let you know That the Owl is thinking of you Just to say that I'm in love and that I need you And not to ever worry cause I'm never gonna leave you Cause you have got to be the one, you got the Owl sprung I swear to God that I never had so much fun Baby doll, now don't you ever your love away And just in case you wanna know, I'm here to stay Repeat Hook Twice (Verse 3) The phone rings, I pick it up, I'm hopin' that it's you Love will make a man do a lot of foolish things too You got a bald-headed thug actin' like a kid If you only knew for you them silly things I did It makes a fool start laughin' when I think about it So believe me that I love you, don't you ever doubt it Cause me and you was meant to be, that was my destiny Me and you against the world, forever, you will be my girl Let me hold you tight, baby doll, don't you fight it And if I go down, girl, I promise not to bite it I shouldn't be, talking 'bout things like this But it's hard to hold back Cause I know You exist I shouldn't even do All them things that I do But it's hard to keep my cool, baby doll, when I'm around you I need you Love you, so how can I forget you When I know I wanna spend my life with you Repeat Hook Twice