Letra Brain washing de Bob Marley

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Old Mr. Joe, he build a house away
On top of some hill
Old Mr. Joe knew he had to go, so he
He got right down and wrote bank will
He say now, here´s to mother hen
And her chicken, Lord have mercy now
Master, will you take a roll in the mud
Like you know you should?
The old barnyard, the old barnyard
Birds and the chick, ooh-wee
Who´s got to watch out for brother mongoose
With his top hap and walking-stick?

It´s just the poor´s brain washing
(Poor´s ...) They told me a long time ago,
It´s just the poor´s brain washing, ooh-wee
(Poor´s brain washing) Now look at a thing like this

Cinderella and her long lost fellow
In the midnight hour, she lost her silver slipper
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
While Jack and Jill had themselves a fall

It´s just the poor´s (... brain washing)
And I don´t need it no longer (... washing)
It´s just the poor´s brain washing
Coming through to a poor man´s child, ooh-wee, look at this

Little Miss Muffet she sat on a tuffet
While Little Red Riding Hood delivered her grandmom´s food
Ooh-wee ooh-wee
Ooh-wee, look at one more thing like this
The cow jumping over the moon
While the dish got jealous, he grabbed the handy spoon

It´s just the poor´s brain washing
And I don´t need it no longer, I don´t want it no longer
I don´t need it no longer (...washing)
And I don´t care for no more brain washing (... washing) ...