Letra Break up to make up de R Kelly

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[R. Kelly]
Mmmmm.. ohhhh, ohhhohhhhh
Oooohhh.. ohhh no, mmmmm

[Chorus: R. Kelly (Jay-Z)*]
You and me, havin sex
After an argument, that shit´s the best
You and me, havin sex yeahh
After an argument, that shit´s the best
(Think about it while the streets you roam
It´s Dom P and Army in the fridge when you get home)

[*overlapping R´s last line]

I storm in, she storm out
It´s like the "War of the Roses" goin on in my house
It´s a little seperation but I know how to fix the situation
Mami just sufferin from love deprevation
So I gotta give her thug reperations
Put it in the life until love leg is shakin
Slow and passionate, ´til we forget what happens
Then we laughin and we back friends

[Interlude: R. Kelly]
You don´t have to fuss and fight
Why don´t you just spend the night
Baby let´s just kiss and hug
You know the words girl let´s make up
So much love to be made
Instead of screamin, "Who´s to blame?"
Girl I don´t wanna.. let you go, I need you so


Girlfriend didn´t believe me when I said I´d be back in a little
Cause I had the Chris T on with the crease in the middle
Plus a fresh cut and the freezin icicles
on my wrist, on my hand, that´s when shit hit the fan
Said, "You never spend timey, what´s up with that?"
Translated it means
[R] Hit it hard from the back
Yeah she hid my car keys
And forced me to fall asleep to her heartbeat


[Chorus w/o Jay-Z]

[R. Kelly]
I don´t want.. baby I don´t want to fight
I just wanna make it right (ooh yeah)
Put out problems to the side
Let´s just make sweet love tonight (I don´t want)
Baby I don´t want to fight
I just wanna make it right (ohhhhh love)
Put our problems to the side
Let´s just make sweet love tonight

Sex so intense, all that´s on my mind
It ain´t feel this good since the very first time
I´m pullin her close, she´s pullin away
I´m tryin to kiss her mouth but she keeps turnin her face
Cute sex game like our very first date
We ain´t know each other well enough, we had to wait
But oh! I know just where your hot spot at
You can not deny that, so do not try that
I do not buy that..

[Chorus w/o Jay-Z]

[Chorus w/o Jay-Z (fades out)]