Letra Cheapskates de The Clash

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I have been a washer up
An´ he has been a scrubber up
An´ I seen him a picking up
Dog ends in the rain
An´ he has never read a book
Though I told him to take a look
He lifted his poolhall cue
For another game
But it ain´t no modern miracle
That we found the golden rule
What you can´t buy you gotta steal
An´ what you say can´t steal you better leave

I don´t like to hang about
In this lonely room
´Cos london is for going out
And trying to hear a tune
But people come pouncing up to me
And say what are you doing here
You´re supposed to be a star
Not a cheapskate bleeding queer

Like a load of rats from a sinking ship
You slag us down to save your hip
But you don´t give me the benfit
Of your doubt
´Cos I´ll bite it off and spit it out

We´re cheapskates anything´ll do
We´re cheapskates what are we supposed to do?
An´ we can rock
Hey hey let´s roll
An´ we can walk
An´ do the stroll

Just because we´re in a group
You think we´re stinking rich
´N we all got model girls
Shedding every stitch
´N You think the cocaine´s flowing
Like a river up our noses
´N every sea will part for us
Like the red one did for Moses

Well I hope you make it one day
Just like you always said you would some day
And I´ll get out my money and make a bet
That I´ll be seein´ you down the launderette