Letra Chronomentrophobia de Outkast

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Chronomentrophobia... The fear of clocks... The fear of time

[Verse 1]
High as the cost of living
I take what I´ve been given
Pastor say "be strong"
Ooh hey hey
I ain´t got time leave me alone

I ain´t got much time left
I´ve got to funk you now

Chronomentrophobia chronomentrophobia
Chronomentrophobia chronomentrophobia
Chronomentrophobia chronomentrophobia
Chronomentrophobia chronomentrophobia

[Verse 2]
Lord be havin mercy on my soul
I´m havin the impression that my life gon be a bowl
Of cherries but its very hard for me to cope
Got tired of bein broke
This ATLien ain´t got no time to sit and mope
Made up my mind while y´all made up y´all beds
On a cold wooden floor is where I laid my head
Born in 1975 never thought I´d make it this far
Still battlin in this racial war
Tryin to find solutions to the situation I´m facin
Only thing thats free is my flow that y´all be chasin
Lettin my niggaz know before I go I drop that knowledge
Like droppin books lets stop the crooks
From robbin you of your brains and such usin welfare as a crutch
I´m in it for good you into my hood you won´t be findin much
Hope that when I´m gone y´all remember this
What we stood for "fuck that fame and that glitz"
It´s beginnin to look a lot like the endin
And got to be more careful know what corners you be bendin
Revelations gettin impatient and now I´m dead
Remember what I said I´m gone bow ya heads