Letra Dem boyz feat. st. lunatics de Nelly

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Like ohh better get em back watch dem niggas back
I hear dem boyz come´n dirty
Like ohh better get em back watch dem bitches back
I hear dem boyz come´n(repeat 4x´s)

[Verse 1: Nelly]
Who am I you ask me you know it´s bout that grammar
From any state it don´t matter, from here to Montana
From whit girls name Anna, to old ladies name Nanna
They hold´n up they banners, and run´n wit they cameras
Can I get a flick you damn right miss
(Can I take a hit) here boo like this
Chronic sticky like gum, I guess that´s how it comes
Don´t worry bout my funds, I play around it in one (Like ohh)
When you seen that hummer, but that was last summer
this year I´m more blunter
More up close and personal, it´s just gon get worser now
From Prada to Vokal, the Tics are too versatile
Can´t worry bout certain sounds, that come out these haters mouths
I realize they can´t help it, just stay where you bow´n down
Some more you can´t get these pounds, unless you gon smoke it now
If not I suggest you pack yo shit up and head out of town


[Verse 2: Murphy Lee]
They be like hold up, hold up, hold up I know that aint them man
Murp jersey on backwards wit ol´ school Tim´s and
Kyjuan got on so many colors just like a pimp
Nelly chain so long got him walk´n wit a limp
Ali is throw´n money in the front row
And er´ body scream´n Slo Down but where the hell is slo of course
We be them up, close, live, and in person
Might look like the type that be rob´n them purses
But I aint I´m the yung dude I be rhyme´n them verses
Worked hard since ´93 that´s how I got signed to Universal
Now the girlies take they thongs off
And it be crazy in the club when that Lunatic song go off
I be that pull up right beside you beat´n bad type of Tic
I´m a hold up traffic to touch her ass type of Tic
Lunatic, that´s what I am that´s what I said I am
I´m try´n to be a millionaire I bet I am, I bet I am

[Verse 3: Kyjuan]
It´s dem boyz on dem porches in Air Forces read´n Sources
My choice is ol´ school´s over dem Rolls Royce´s
Of course this Tic shit live like EA Sports is
Dribble in the club I lay up wit two draft choices
Hit the center touch the point guard, she hit the joint hard
Ohh wee oh Lord, she don´t want no more
Cutlass is four door, stash for the 4.4
Smokes 1 44, what dem o´s go for (Like oh)
350 1 more, 350 stick´n the floor brand new bizare
smashes, g ´s and c´s all in my glasses
Tics fantastic we get booked more than matches
Imagine, me without those two headbands
Them Vokal t-shirts with some 8 class pants
Feel´n dapper like Dan yes fresh like Mannie
Cutlass candies sit down you know you can´t stand me


[Verse 4: Ali]
Andy freeze all his fees, locks, stripy stocks, rocks in the watch
Big shorts, headband to a cross-jersey back Ross
That´s that Mid-West talk, I think yo future boss Batter Up
Naw cough, and let you know Caprice Classic on these hoes
Ver big shows tell her best be on they toes
5 country grammar boys in bandana platinum no gold like (Oh)
That´s what they say when I pull up on d´s in that old Dr.J
Hold a v a, fat laces this world is rat races
Head´n back places but it still seem racist
Got locations so I haul off the wall off if you could fall off
Got a room at the Wada wit a saw that ´ll take the wall off
Hit the mall off wit a sag hockey jersey du-rag
Fitted still switch´n two different shoes starchy wit tags