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And the dog is out, arf arf arf arf
And the dog is out, arf arf arf arf
And the dog is out, arf arf arf arf
It's just D
And the dog is out

Started gettin a little too big for the cage that I been trapped in
Cats new it was a problem, went from robbin to rappin
Guns got the clappin, another trip to the morgue
We all know why it's happenin, another bit by the dog
When there's nothin left to eat, I ate away at my soul
Felt destructive cause I don't give a fuck if I go
I know y'all been told I don't give a fuck about livin
Killin other dogs got you cats chasin bitches
Got me itchin to bring back the beast from within
What I catch I'ma eat, in the streets I'ma win
I've been top dog and I'ma stay top dog
So what the fuck you got to say dog?
You cats play games that dog ain't with
Suck my dick, behind my back dog ain't shit
Well this is it, from now on if you ain't out the camp
We out to clamp, put 'em up against the champ
You bitch

[Chorus x2]
And the dog is out, arf arf arf arf
And the dog is out, arf arf arf arf
And the dog is out, arf arf arf arf
It's just D
And the dog is out, c'mon c'mon

I don't think you cats see too clearly
If it ain't that you must be deaf, cause y'all niggaz don't hear me
But I know I got you scared to death
How many other niggaz you know when you see 'em make you hold your breath?
All a nigga did was take a pause
Did a couple of movies and you thought this whole rap shit was yours?
Stop being greedy, when was the last time you gave to the needy
Believe me, I run through niggaz like hallways with the cops behind
Give it to a nigga all day cause I pops the nine
Man listen, if you don't wanna see your man missin, man listen
I get dough like a nigga in a up north flick
And still roll like a nigga on some up north shit
The way dog flip out, cats'll never understand
Niggaz be like "X I thought I was your man!"

This is dedicated to, this is dedicated to
The streets, this is dedicated to

My dogs is dogs that love to brawl
Bring as many as you got cause we gon fuck 'em all
Dicksucked in the hall
The same shorty thats puttin any work on her knees
I'm duckin her call
A dog is a dog is a dog for life, dog been a dog, dog in your wife
I got kids this age
But let 'em keep talkin slick and I'm gon put somethin hot up in his ribcage
Tomado de AlbumCancionYLetra.com
When the dog is out, bitch ass niggaz get bit or fucked
One or the two, and I'm not Ja Rule
Feel me? Aight