Letra Don?t lie to yourself de Above Ground

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Girl I can tell when you look at me
I can tell straight up, baby your hooked on me
You can deny or deflect, the shit that I kick
But don´t lie to yourself, that shit makes me sick

I´ve been macking this bitch since the day of introduction
Interruptions, are in the way of my seduction
The face of this girl, clean cut like a pearl
Long, dark hair, with a touch of a curle
Perhaps it was ment, or not, I hit the spot
Better do this one good, I only got one shot
She already got a man, but hey, he ain't me
Try to see, the luxury you get with a G
It's not easy, when your man beeing greedy
Belive me sweety I got enough to feed the needy
I take the bat, hit the ball, first base
I got a date, wich means we can meet face to face
Two-dinner table, crystalen, she´s smilin'
Tickets in my pocket to a little greek island
Mad cigars smoken, tender stroken
Enough tip on the table, make an average man broken
I Take her out for a strole by the canal
The moon shinen mad, bouncen of on your smile
The first date but I hope not the last
I take it to the next level, with a blast


Six fucking months since I last heard your voice
My boyz be like, "fuck that bitch, she´s no choice"
Im adicted, she leaving me out with mad stress
God bless, I heard this beep on my phone, SMS
"Hi, how you doing, all the week Im in town
Got a spot free on Sunday, for us to get down
If you like", I think for my self your fucking dyke
But Im week in my heart, even weeker in my psyke
I reach for my phone, mess her back with a paste
And said, "same fucking time at the same fucking place"
Sunday, the day for the action, reflection
I got my best suit on to get the maximum atraction
Sitting by the table, sippin vine by my self
I got the best fucking table in this joint for my self
Bottle number three, where the fuck could she be
I hit her on the cell, drunk as one get to be
"Where the fuck you at?, I´ve ben here since nine
Drinking three fucking bottles 300 $ vine"
"Baby I forgot, please dont be mad
I be there in one hour, make it up if your sad"
"Forget it", I klicked the phone, and called my boys
"Ey yo G, what the fuck is up, what´s the noise"
My boy´z like, "we got this fucking gig in my place
Hit the car, get your as over here for some blaze"
We got bitches in the livingroom, swinging their ass
Man fuck that shit, just let it be let it pass
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