Letra Education de Modest Mouse

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Call it education, it was somewhere in between
you gave me some sound advice but I wasn't listening.
After we had capsized I could tell you how you'd fall.
I'm not sure if I lay to rest on the ceiling or the wall.
Not quite conversation it was somewhere in between.
You said everything you thought and I listened patiently.
All this dog and pony,we're still monkeys the whole time,
we could not help from flinging shit in our modern suits and ties.
Our instincts they were cringing, 'bout how we'd lived our lives.
It did not seem like we'd lived enough to even get to die.
All these dense distractions, so beautifully complex.
I love life's surprises so much I don't want to know what's ahead.
Stubborn shouted and said, 'Don't do what you do.'
I don't know, couldn't really hear.
Highly if you highly care, and you don't, stubborn beauty,stubbornbeauty.
Ah very well! Hardly education it was somewhere in between,
oh I hit the roof but I had aimed for the ceiling.
Hardly education all them books I didn't read
they just sat there on my shelf lookin' much smarter than me!
Good ol' Nostradamus, he knew the whole damn time there'd always be
an east from west and someone in them fighting.
Stubborn shouted and said, 'I don't do what you do.'
I don't know, couldn't really hear. Highly if you highly care and you don't.
Ah very well.