Letra Got some teeth de Obie Trice

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[talking in background]

[Obie Trice - talking]
Damn ..
There´s a lot of bitches up in here tonight boy
I´m about to get drunk
Let´s hold down, sleep
Where the bar at?
[crashing noise]

[Verse 1]
Okay, okie dokey Obie´s here
No more focus, hobo´s got a career
And I like your brassiere and there´s a party in here
And I´m ready to talk naughty in Veronica´s ear
She erotic and it´s hot, saw Heineken beer
Put it to the side and invite here to "Cheers"
Pull up a chair, swear no drama
prepare player your workin with a MONSTER [yelling]
I ain´t got time to waste, let´s vacate the place
Shut blinds and drapes, grind to your face in a grimy state
Concentrate, you will find that your bound to get
But we found what´s fate
We can watch two incredible mates masterbate
Why settle and wait
Let´s escalate to the nearest Super 8
To your rear is on the mirrors and they smearin booty cheeks

[Chorus - 2X]
So this is my favorite song
Now sing along when the DJ throws it on
And if I leave here tonight and I fall asleep
And wake up, [sound of water dropping], hopefully she got some teeth

[Verse 2]
Okay holy moly derriere
Look around the club booty everywhere
She caught me starin
And my homies darin me to approach Karen
She´s model material, but she got a venereal
Tons of baby fathers´, baby bottles and cereal
She holla cause I got a lot of dinerio
The DJ´s playin Obie song on the stereo
And she´s impaired and she wants to be headin home
With the real thing not the dildo clone
And I know I don´t wanna be headin home
With some double D´s full of silicon
Ten hoodrat chicks surround me outside
Found me outside, clown me outside
´Til I pop the trunk and they found me outside
Cussin at the bitches screamin "off to they rides!"


[Verse 3]
Okay rolie polies everywhere [horse naying noise]
Gotta find a slim chick´s atmosphere
Obesity´s glarin and she got me fearin
She´s gonna come over here and try to eat me literal [crunching noise]
-ly, like a box of Cherrios
Carry cupcakes and chocolate Tootsie rolls
I´m outta order cause I gotta big girl disorder
So better cover up that blubber or I´ll split [feet running away noise]
And I ain´t got time to play
Let´s investigate another place today
Ladies less in weight and the dress they shape
Dresses pettite, no window drapes

[Obie Trice - talking]
Word to mother, they god damn Okra and beans
Got ya Opera and jeans
Seems to me a little lean cuisine
Wouldn´t hurt much, hot don´t touch


[Outro - Obie Trice - talking]
Haha, haha, ha
You gotta have teeth baby
It just wouldn´t look right
Look, me big lips ..
You no teeth, it wouldn´t work
You know what I´m sayin
Haha ha, yeah
I´m feelin good
Shady Record man
Obie Trice