Letra Hakuna matata de Timon Y Pumba

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' Hakuna Matata '

hakuna matata!
what a wonderful phrase
hakuna matata!
ain't no passing craze
it means no worries
for the rest of your days
it's our problem-free
hakuna matata!
{spoken section over background}
simba: hakuna matata?
pumbaa: yeah, it's our motto.
simba: what's a motto?
timon: nothing! what's a motto with you? ahh ha ha ha...
pumbaa: {laughing} you know what, kid? these two words will
solve all your problems.
timon: that's right! take pumbaa for example.
{back into song}
why, when he was a young warthog...
pumbaa: {italian counter-tenor range}
when i was a young wart hoooog!
timon: {speaking, cleaning ear} very nice.
pumbaa: thanks!
timon: {singing}
he found his aroma lacked a certain appeal
he could clear the savannah after every meal
i'm a sensitive soul, though i seem thick-skinned
and it hurt that my friends never stood downwind
and oh, the shame
{timon: he was ashamed!}
thoughta changin' my name
{oh, what's in a name?}
and i got downhearted
{how did you feel?}
ev'rytime that i...
timon: {speaking} pumbaa! not in front of the kids!
pumbaa: {speaking} oh... sorry.
pumbaa and timon:
hakuna matata!
what a wonderful phrase
hakuna matata!
ain't no passing craze
it means no worries
for the rest of your days
yeah, sing it, kid!
simba and timon:
it's our problem-free ...........
..................... philosophy...
all three:
hakuna matata!
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