Letra How I Could Just Kill A Man de Rage Against The Machine

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Hey dont miss out on what youre passing,
Youre missing the hootah of the funky buddah,
Eluder of the fucked up styles that get wicked
So come on as I start to kick it,
Cause were like the outlaws striding, suckers are hiding,
Jump behind the bush when they see me driving by
Hanging out my window, and my magnum taking out some putos
Acting kind of loco Im just another local
Kid from the street getting paid for my vocals.

Here is something you cant understand,
How I could just kill a man [4x]
Here is something you cant understand

I be doing all the dumb shit yo
Because nothing is coming from it
Im not gonna waste no time fucking around I got ya humming.
Humming coming at ya! Then you know I had to gat ya!
Time for some action just a fraction of friction
I got the clearance to run the interference
In to your sattelite, shining a battle light
Swing out the gat and I know that will gat you right
Heres an example, just a little sample:
How could I just kill a man
One time tried to come in my home.
Take my chrome, I said yo its on.
Take cover son or youre assed out
How do you like my chrome then I watched the rookie pass out
Didnt have to blast him, but I did any way,
HA HA HA! Young punk had to pay
So I just killed a man!

Here is something you cant understand,
How I could just kill a man [4x]

Its gonna be a long time before I finish
One of the many missions that I have to establish
To lite my spliff ignite you with insite so if you aint down
Bullshit. say some punk tried to get you for your auto
Would call the one time and play the rolemmodel?
No! I think youll play like a thug
Next hear the shot of a magnum slug, humming coming at ya!
Yeah you know Im going to gat ya. how do you know where Im at
When you havent been where Ive been, understand where Im coming from. while youre up on the hill in your big home
Im out here risking my dome, just for a bucket or a faster ducket,
Just to stay alive yo I got to say fuck it.

Here is something you cant understand,
How I could just kill a man [12x]
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How I could just kill a man
How I could just kill a man