Letra I can't do it alone de Catherine Zeta Jones

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My sister and I had an act that couldn´t flop
My sister and I were headed straight fo the top
My sister and I earned a thou a week at least
Oh, sure!
But my sister is now, unfortunately, deceased

Oh, I know it´s sad, of course
But a fact is still a fact
And now all that remains
Is the remains
Of a perfect double act!

Roxie, do you know you are exactly the same
size as my sister? Oh, you would fit in her wardrobe
perfectly. Look, why don´t I just show you some of
the act, huh? Watch this.

[VELMA dances]

Now you have to imagine
this with two people.
It´s swell with two people.

First I´d...(drums!)
Then she´d...(saxophone!)
Then we´d...(together!)
But I can´t do it alone!
Then she´d...
Then I´d...
Then we´...
But I can´t do it alone!

She´d say,"What´s your sister like?"
I´d say, "Men,"
Yuk, Yuk, yuk
She´d say, "you´re the cat´s meow"
Then we´d wow the crowd again
When she´d go...
I´d go...
We´d go...

And then those ding-dong daddies started to roar
Whistled, stomped and stamped on the floor
Yelling, sreaming, begging for more.

And we´d say, "O.K. fellas, keep your socks up.
you ain´t seen nothin´ yet!"

[VELMA dances]

But I simply cannot do it alone!

Well? What did ya´ think? Come on, you can say.

[ROXIE gives her a raspberry]

O.K., O.K. The first part can always be rewritten.
But the second part was really nifty. Watch this.

Then she´d...(See, get it, right?)
Then I´d...(Then I´d kick really high...)
Then we´d...
But I can´t do it alone!
She´d say, "What state´s Chicago in?"
I´d say, "ILL!"
Did ya´ get that?
She´d say, "Turn your motor off"
I can hear ´em cheerin´ still
When she´d go...
I´d go...
We´d go...(Sideways!)
And then those two-bit Johnnies did it up brown
To cheer the best attraction in town
They nearly tore the balcony down

And we´d say. "O.K. fellas, O.K.,
we´re goin´ home, but here´s a few more partin´ shots!"
And this... this we did in perfect unison.

[VELMA dances]

Now, you´ve seen me goin´ through it
It may seem there´s nothin´ to it
But I simply cannot do it

[ROXIE turns her down]
Tomado de AlbumCancionYLetra.com
Like the deserted bride on her wedding night
All alone and shaking with fright
With her brand new hubby nowhere in sight
I simply cannot do it alone...