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Song : I Like Wine
Author: Tito Fernandez (El Temucano)

I like Wine, because Wine is good,
But when water flows pure and pristine from mother earth......
I like Wine because wine is red, sir.
because it flows from the grapes
because it tastes like a beautiful country
and like the good-looking girl I like

I like Wine because Wine is good,
because it comes from working the earth
because it drunkens when one is serene
and it brings happiness when one is sad

I like Wine because it's there when you go out to meet girls
and you don't decide to go for her
when it sings about the slice of a spur
or about the petticoat of a girl

I like Wine because it's Wine
and because it's in the cueca
because it's at the road's resting place
and on the beloved table with my old lady.

I like Wine because it made me cry
once when I went out to drink with my friends
and i tried to prove that I was a man
before my umbilical cord had even fallen of

I like Wine because it hurt me
when I had to forget some time ago
I remember that I kept on drinking almost a year
and I couldn't rip her from my heart

I like wine because it wasn't a vice,
it was more like a lesson well learned
Life asks us for sacrifices
and you can't go around screwing.... Life

There goes death, she's waiting for me,
There she goes under the vineyard
There goes death, she's waiting for me,
There she goes with a gallon bottle

I like Wine because I'm happy
because I have another story for my guitar
because I can sing with emotions
of the things and the people of my Country

I like Wine with the barbecue,
with the potatoes and the salad
with the chile and the peure cuchareao
the delicious one that my mommy used to make

I like Wine on Saturay afternoon
and I like it on Sunday Morning
and so you won't think ill of me, my friend
I like Wine almost all week long.
There goes death, she's waiting for me....

Here is some advice for whoever wants it
You have to measure yourself to drink
Me for example, from my belly to my throat
it measures 6 1/4 litres '
without the bottle
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