Letra I wish I made that swagga de Will Smith

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Yo, ain´t no better man for this hype track
Just the veteran taking the mic back
David Letterman even said he like that track man
Even though he ain´t a rap fan
Black radio, they won´t play though
Ever since "Summertime" they ain´t liked none of mine
Even though the fans went out & bought enough
I guess they think Will ain´t hard enough
Maybe I should just have a shoot out
Run up in the bank, bustin´, grabbin´ all the loot out
Whoop somebody ass, taking my boot out
Right on TV so ya´ll can see me
Just ignorant, attacking, actin´ rough
I mean, then will I be black enough
Oh wait maybe I´ll jack a truck
Full of cigarettes, guns & drugs & stuff

[CHORUS - (2x)]
Get that
I wish I would of made that
Lean back
I wish I would of made that
I wish I woulda told the girls to ´drop it like it hot´
Summer, Summer, Summertime
Seem like all I got

I always envied how ya´ll rock wit Dre & the Chronic
The way that Tupac, Biggie, 50 and Jigga got it
A lot like L.L., Chuck D, Slick & Dougie
I think ya´ll love me, but ya´ll place other rappers above me
& I don´t know if you feel my flow
& be at my show & you´ll see where I should go
On the charts of rhyme arts & thoughts in rap form
Damnit, I expanded the platform
Damnit, this Cat´s on a rap song
Yeah, it ain´t no braids or plats on
Ain´t on stage wit no gats on
You know I´m afraid, getting´ my act on
It might have stunted my growth
But I wanted them both
& I hope that it would be less tougher
You do two things & then they both gonna suffer
I chose to act & it broke my heart not to rap
Prodigal son, clever, better than ever, back

I got my swagga back
I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back
I got, I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back
Yo, do you see that lil´ bop in my step
Do you see the little drop to the left, huh, yo...
Baseball cap, Timbs when I walk
Do you see that lil´ grin when I talk, huh, yo
Do you see me sorta glide when I slide
See lean to the side in my ride, huh, yo...
Do you see it´s no ice on my wrist
Fish still bite just like this... right, right
Do you know what it mean when you see a dude´s chick on TV gleamin´, huh?
Know what it mean to be on the scene & in the audience "Ali", beamin´, yo!
I must have a ´S´ on my chest, I recovered from the Wild, Wild West, yes!
Yo, I been up the creek without a paddle
Now I´m back on the saddle,
I got my swagga back

I got my swagga back
I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back
I got my swagga back
I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back
I got my swagga back
I got that swagga back, I got that swagga back
I got my swagga back

All you see that you see when you seeing me, you ain´t seeing all to be seen
Cause there´s more for you to see than when you see me on the scene in my
media machine
I mean madness, sickness, sadness, swaggerless back in the day
Fat, ugly chicks in New York on the radio, saying I´m gay
I had a bonafide downside frown with the swagga not around in my life
Bank account found minimal amounts when countin´ cause of my now ex-wife
I had the boar-thick wall & all that, endure pitfalls & all that, fallin´
callin´ for help
With no call back, where was ya´ll at, gimme the ball back
I got my swagga back
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