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Jeanie marries when she´s 21,
Has a baby one year on
And every year that´s the way that life goes.
Lost herself in domesticity,
A cleaning, feeding entity,
She can´t recall what she was before.

In an ideal world kids would keep their rooms tidy,
In an ideal world he would be home from his work on time
And in the morning I could lay in.

Johnny signs his share of autographs,
For all the people he makes laugh
And he walks home to an empty flat.
Does his best to fight the slience,
Of late night TV vicadence(?)
He can´t forget what he had before.

In an ideal world she would still think I´m funny,
In an ideal world she´d be waiting in bed for me,
And in the morning we could lay in...in an ideal world.

Molly´s sitting in a waiting room,
The top doctor will see her soon,
In the body nature gave her.
Wonder if she´ll ever wake up,
Wonder if she´s better off,
Why can´t she be what she was before?

In an ideal world he would still think I´m pretty,
In an ideal world he would only want to bed with me,
And in the morning we could lay in.

In an ideal world you would make a decision,
In an ideal world you´d be making a home for me.
And in the morning we could lay in.
Sunday mornings we could lay in.