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[Guy:] Previously on Ashanti

[Ashanti:] Always there when you call, always on time, gave you my,
Baby be mine, Always there when you call...
What´s love? It´s about us, It´s about trust, Babe, What´s luv..
Just like a thug, Cause he can´t stop, Just cause she loves a
Thug, And he moves just like a thug, Which means he can´t stop
Just don´t know how to, I said, Moves just like a thug...
Hiiiiiiiiiii.....Murda, It´s Murda...
Ooh, There´s something I´ve been thinking that your crew
Should know...
Don´t go [x6], Wastin´ my time...Now we´re gonna, Now we´re
Gonna, Now we´re gonna, Now we´re gonna....
Every time we break it´s murda INC, You know it´s love for
Thugs cause thug is in our blood, We don´t take no shit, If
They want that shit....

[Ja Rule:] You know it´s murda, (Ya) murda, will be right here, cause it´s...

[Guy:] And now for our feature presentation

[Girl:] Here´s Ashanti #1 again today for, Foolish!