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[Verse 1 Beyonce]
I Thought That This Was Something (Yes)
Promising That One Day
It Would Turn Into Something (Yes)
I Thought The Feelings Were Mutual
And I Didn´t Have To Guess
Started Being Skeptical
Always Unavailable
Like You Didn´t Know
But Now I´m Feeling Something (Yes)
It´s Telling Me This May Not Be The Real Something (Yes)
But You Was Showing Me
Now I´m Ready And You Running
Damn You Got Me Open Now
Feeling Like I´m Choking Now
Where Am I To Go?

[PreChorus Kelly]
I Can´t
Believe The Way That You Can Feel My Heart
And I Can´t
Believe The Way You Make Me Fall So Hard
Stop Playing
How Could You Let It Go This Far?
If You Had Doubts That I Wasn´t The One
And You Said
That You´re The Type To Take It Slow
And You Said
Before I Step I´ll Let You Know
Stop Playing
Before You Let Me See You With Her
You Could Have Told Me A Change Was Going To Come

Is She The Reason You Don´t Call Me Like You Use To?
Fall Through My Hood Like You Use To
Or Put It On Me Hard Like You Use To Do
I Feel In My Mind What´s Going On
But My Heart Won´t Let Me Go Until I Know
Is She The Reason My Calls Didn´t Reach You?
The Deepest Of My Love Couldn´t Please You
Or Bring It To Me Home Like You Use To Do
Seeing Her Falling For Your Charm
Got Me Feeling Like I Wasn´t Good Enough

[Verse 2 Beyonce]
See I Know We Not Official (No)
But Us Being Official Ain´t Never Been An Issue (No)
It Came Down To Us
Boy Remember We Were Different
We Said That We´d Talk
If We Ever Had Problems About Anything
I Was Cool With No Commitment (Wait)
Let Me Take That Back
It Was You, So I Was With It (See)
Guess I Didn´t Get
When You Showed You Didn´t Miss It
Not It Seems That Your Interest Ain´t Here
And We Ain´t The Same


[Bridge Michelle]
All You Had To Say Was This Ain´t What You Want
I Wouldn´t Be So Hurt And I Could Just Move On
You Had Me Believing, Everything Was My Fault
But I Can See Now
It´s A Situation That I Must Let Go
Cause You Ain´t Going To Me A Man And Let Me Know
I Guess Me Seeing You With Her
Says It All

[Chorus Out]