Letra It ain t easy de 2 Pac

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Keepin it real

[Verse One: 2Pac]

I take a shot of Henessey now I´m strong enough to face the madness
Nickel bag full of sess weed laced with hash
Phone calls from my niggaz on the, other side
Two childhood friends just died, I couldn´t cry
A damn shame, when will we ever change
And what remains from a twelve gauge to the brain
Arguements with my Boo is true
I spend mo´ time with my niggaz than I do with you
But everywhere it´s the same thang, that´s the game
I´ll be damned if a thang changed, fuck the fame
I´ll be hustling to make a mill-ion, lord knows
Ain´t no love for us ghetto children, so we cold
Rag top slowin down, time to stop for gas
Beep my horn for a hoochie with a proper ass, uhh
It ain´t easy, that´s my motto
Drinkin Tanqueray straight out the bottle
Everybody wanna know if I´m insane
My baby mama gotta mind full of silly games
And all the drama got me stressin like I´m hopeless, I can´t cope
Me and the homies smokin roaches, cause we broke
Late night hangin out til the sunrise gettin high
Watchin the cops roll by
It ain´t easy... that´s right

[Chorus: 2Pac]

It ain´t easy, being me
Will I see the penitentiary, or will I stay free
[repeat 3X]

[Verse Two: 2Pac]

I can´t sleep niggaz plottin on to kill me while I´m dreamin
Wake up sweaty and screamin, cause I can hear them suckers schemin
Probably paranoid, problem is, them punks be fantasizin
A brother bite the bullet, open fire and I died
I wonder why this the way it is, even now
Lookin out for these killer kids, cause they wild
Bill Clinton can you recognize a nigga representin
Doin twenty to life in San Quentin
Gettin calls from my nigga Mike Tyson, ain´t nuttin nice
Yo ´Pac, do something righteous witcha life
And even thou you innocent you still a nigga, so they figure
Rather have you behind bars than triggers
But I´m hold ya down and holla Thug Life, lickin shots
Til I see my niggaz free on the block
But no it ain´t easy, hahahah
Til I see my niggaz free, on the block, oh
It ain´t easy

[Chorus 2.75]

[Verse Three: 2Pac]

Lately been reminiscin
bout Peppermint Schnapps in Junior High hit the block
Keep an eye on the cops while D-Boys slang rocks
It´s the project kid without a conscience, I´m havin dreams
of hearin screams at my concerts, me all my childhood peers
through the years tryin to stack a little green
I was only seventeen, when I started servin fiends
And I wish there was another way to stack a dollar
So my apoli´, casue these hard times make me wanna holler
Will I live to see tommorrow, am I fallin off?
I hit the weed and then proceed to say fuck all of y´all
Ain´t nobody down with me I´m thuggin, I can´t go home
Cause muh-fuckers think I´m buggin, so now I´m in
this high powered cell at the county jail
Punk judge got a grudge, can´t post no bail, what
do I do in these county blues
Gettin battered and bruised by the you know who
And these fakes get to shakin when they face me
Snakes ain´t got enough nuts to replace me
Sittin in this, livin hell, listenin to niggaz yell
Tryin to torture em to tell, I´m gettin mail
But ain´t nobody sayin much, the same old nuts
is makin bucks while these sluts is gettin fucked
They violated my probation, and it seems
I´ll be goin on a long vacation, meanwhile
It ain´t easy
No it ain´t easy

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