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[Frank Marino]

Evolution, revolution
Are the parents of one another
Moving ever moving crushing
Everything that gets in its way
Smiles telling lies about the future
I don´t wat to believe them
Pity on their faces baby
Don´t you think they laugh
In your face
Wheels of justice they have fallen off
Man´s on crutches
Being kicked like dogs
It´s a jugernaut
It´s a jugernaut
It´s a jugernaut

Politician´s makin´ money all the time
They murder our freedom
Filling up their pockets
While the people in the street
Lay and die
Man you´re workin´ hard as hell
You only end up paying more taxes
Give ´em all your money baby
Don´t you think they give you a bomb
Lambs were slaughtered
For the sacrafice
Man´s now offered up by his own kind

Cry for your soul
Young and old
Help your own
They will need it, heed it
Don´t be caught between the stones

Economic pressure and recession
In a nation of madness
Living under fear of countries
Launching up a nuclear attack
Men are killing men with paper bullets
You may wonder how that´s done
Money is the bullet
And the dirty greedy heart is the gun

It´s a jugernaut
It´s a jugernaut
It´s a jugernaut
Rise or fall
One and all
Sink or swim
We can win
Oh how we can do it if we try

Superpowers playing chess
Along a board with people as pieces
Taking human life
Just like they´re only
Sacrificing a pawn
Don´t you know the game is rigged
The best that they will do
Is a stalemate
Who will be the judge of what is right
When we are lying in graves
We´ll inherit from all of our nations
Not peace, only deadly radiation

It´s a jugernaut
It´s a jugernaut
It´s a jugernaut