Letra Justify my thug de Jay Z

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Uhh, this feel right right here Quik
It´s like it´s ´sposed to happen this one right here
Young! God damn..
.. let me justify my thug on this one right here

[Verse One: Jay-Z]
It goes one o´clock, two o´clock, three o´clock rock
Five six seven o´clock, eight o´clock rock
Eleven o´clock, twelve o´clock, the party bout to pop
Then - Roc-A-Fella y´all, it´s your boy S. Dot
And I ain´t never been to jail; I ain´t never pay a nigga
to do no dirt for me I was scared to do myself
I will never tell even if it means sittin in a cell
I ain´t never ran, never will
I ain´t never been smacked; a nigga better keep his hands
to himself or get clapped for what´s under that man´s belt
I never asked for nothin I don´t demand of myself
Honesty, loyalty, friends and then wealth
Death before dishonor and I tell you what else
I tighten my belt ´fore I beg for help
Foolish pride is what held me together through the years
I wasn´t felt which is why I ain´t never played myself
I just play the hand I´m dealt, I can´t say I´ve never knelt
before God and asked for better cards at times to no avail
But I never sat back feelin sorry for myself
If you don´t give me heaven I´ll raise hell
´Til it´s heaven

[Chorus - imitating Madonna]
Justify my thug!
"For you!" - [Run-D.M.C.]
My thug.. (hoping..)
My thug.. (praying..) for you
to justify my thug!
My thug.. (hoping..)
My thug.. (praying..) for you..
"For you! Fresh" - [Run-D.M.C.]

[Verse Two: Jay-Z]
Now if you shoot my dog, I´ma kill yo´ cat
Just the unwritten laws in rap - know dat
For every action there´s a reaction, don´t have me relapsin
Relaxin´s what I´m about, but about mine
Don´t be actin like you can´t see street action
Take me back to ??? Doubt time
You see my mind´s on the finish line, facin the wreck
I put my muh´fuckin faith in the tec, tell Satan not yet
You understand I am chasin my breath
I am narrowly escapin my death, oh yes
I am the Michael Schumacher of the Roc roster
Travellin Mach 5, barrelin, my power can stop God
God forgive me but I can´t let them deliver me to you
Until, I won this race, then eventually
My engine gon´ burn out, I get whatever is meant for me
However it turns out fine - red line!


[Verse Three: Jay-Z]
They say an eye for an eye, we both lose our sight
And two wrongs don´t make a right
But when you been wrong and you know all along that it´s just one life
At what point does one fight? (Good question right!)
´Fore you knock the war, try to put your dogs in it
Ten-and-a-halfs, for a minute-and-a-half
Bet that stops all the grinnin and the laughs
When you play the game of life and the win ain´t in the bag
When your options is none and the pen is all you have
or the block, niggaz standin tight, there´s limits on the ave
Tryin to cop or shot-call theyself cleansin in the cash
But can´t put they name on paper cause, then you on blast
Mr. President, there´s drugs in our residence
Tell me what you want me to do, come break bread with us
Mr. Governor, I swear there´s a cover up
Every other corner there´s a liquor store - fuck is up?