Letra Keep it g.a.n.g.s.t.a. de Nate Dogg

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[Chorus - Lil´ Mo and Nate Dogg w/ variations]
[Both] A gangsta´s for every day
[Mo] So make sure that you keep it, G-A-N-G-S-T-A
[Both] And now that I know the game
[Mo] I´ll make sure that I keep it, G-A-N-G-S-T-A

[Nate Dogg]
Me and the ghetto where the poor people hang
Please pay attention they do ghettoish thangs
One out of three, yep a third of ´em bang
The other motherfuckers they be slanging that cane
Always out for money ´cause the money´s the game
Eastside homey it´s a Long Beach thang
You heard me right nigga this is DPG
With the superwoman standin´ claimin´ CPT

[Lil´ Mo]
I-I, promise I´ma keep it G
Rep my south team, hands in the street
Recognise game, and they recognise me
´Cause a G like me comes naturally
Tho-ose, haters try to hate on me
But they got no choice but to do right by me
There´s no way o´ dividin´ me
´Cause my OG´s in the streets gon´ ride for me
I-I, promise to do ghetto things
´Cause I´m the closest thing to ghetto in this industry
That´s why I be chillin´ when it´s 90 degrees
While ya keep shit poppin´ how I ride this beat
And people always saying to me
How can I tell I´m really a G?
´Cause an OG told a gangsta
A gangsta told a playa
A playa told Nate
And Nate just said to me


Nate Dogg reppin´
(Look!) X to the Z

I´m shifty, versus runnin´ a buck 50
Tryin´ to get large enough bank to get Britney
I´ma do Britney like Bobby did Whitney
Fuck her whole life off, donate my kidney (Yeah!)
Wake up to vodka, crash with the whiskey
My name holdin´ to much weight, you can´t lift me
Came from my first out ghetto with King Tipsy
Hold a torch over my city, you can´t miss me
Niggas say fuck me but can´t fuck wit´ me
Twist this shit, make your finger tips sticky
I need me a wify, shit I mean wifey
I´m so fucked up I couldn´t read my own writin´ (Heh)
Clash of the titan, (Yeah!) no propaganda
Big (?) hummin´ for you Tony Montana
T-shirt, khakis, tucked in bandanas
Livin´ amongst the most scandalous on the planet (Yo!)

[Chorus x2]