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It's a girl thing,
With a right swing,
So move on over while we do our thing,
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
[yeah, yeah, ya know we are the last ones standing]
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
The last one standing,
[yeah, yeah, ya know we are the last ones standing]

It's the end of an era the start of a new day,
We got the mic and we're gonna rock it our way,
People saying that the world has changed,
Give the power to the girls,
but the girls are saying,
We got feminine touch in all the right places,
Stars in our eyes and smiles on our faces,
Round one it's over hear the bell ring,
So move over while we do our thing,

Don't get me wrong,
we're not trying to front,
But Cindy was right,
girls just wanna have fun,
It's a girl thing with a right swing,
G for the girl and,
T for the thing,

Cuz life's a game and we all like to play,
But when it comes to love we love to do it our way,
Some say we are physically demanding,
Only cuz we the last one's standing,

Pull ur baby nearer,
it's the end of an era,
We're the last one's standing,
[Yeah, yeah ya know we are the last one's standing]
It's your party keep us here,
Let's stay up all night and be the last one standing,
[Yeah, yeah ya know we are the last one standing]

Try forgetting everything that you heard before,
No matter how many times you hear this,
You wanna hear it some more,
This is our year so have no fear,
We're gonna stay ya know,
We're gonna take it all the way,
tight knitted we're fitted,
no one can break us take us,
away from each other, brother,
so when the girls wanna hit the scene,
Together like a team we're gonna take it to the extreme,
A wink and a smile's always worth your while,
when the girls step to it you know that we can do it
Come check the vibe and all the rhymes we're bringin',
Beats so hard got a lot of bells ringing,

Watch the girl shine don't walk away,
it's our time and we wanna play,
so with the life's that physically demanding,
it's no surprise,
We're the last one's standing,


nothings keeping us down because we're on tonite,
And there's no denying it,
the world's our merry go round
the time has come tonite,
for getting down,
Let's party,
[triple image in the house]
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
squeeze a little left,
push a little right,
there's a whole lot of love in the world tonite,
hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey are you in, are you out,
grab the mic and give a shout,
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