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I believe that love & trust are one in the same
I don't think you can truly love someone unless you trust them
That blind trust, beyond a shadow of a doubt
No matter what this person say or that person
You believe your man
Now you say you love me
But everytime one of your little friends come at you
with something
we gotta to this.
Momma I'm trying, I'm trying to show you that I'm for real
Tell me what I gotta do to show you I'm for you

[Jennifer Hudson]
Just shut up and listen

Verse 1
Two hundred and sixteen
That's how many time that I went back and thought about it in my mind
Could she, could she really be
who he's tell me that she is
That's something about it that don't feel right

[Jennifer Hudson]Saturday she called here twenty six times
[Ne-Yo]Oh you counted?
[Jennifer Hudson]You kept telling me not to worry
[Ne-Yo]Don't worry about it
[Jennifer Hudson]Wanna believe that your telling the truth
[Ne-Yo]So don't doubt it
[Jennifer Hudson]But if you are lying to me

[Jennifer Hudson]
I am leaving tonight
outta my life
Everyone said you ain't no good
And you proved them right
Leavin' Tonight
It's over and done
Ain't no sense and trying to wait til the morning comes
(Leavin' Tonight)

Verse 2:
Baby now hold up
Lets just settle down
Coz there's a perfect explanation to this situation
That were going through (this thing that were goin through)
I swear that I don't know that girl, But I seen her around
And she has explained how much she want it
But baby i'm knowing that
all of me is for all of you

[Ne-Yo]Said I gotta girl like a thousand times
[Jennifer Hudson]Oh so you counted?
[Ne-Yo]She kept telling me not to worry
[Jennifer Hudson]Don't worry about it
[Ne-Yo]Please believe I'm telling the truth
[Jennifer Hudson]I wouldn't doubt it
[Ne-Yo]I really wish you would believe in me

I'm not leavin' tonight
Girl your my life
All of your friends think i'm no good
Please don't prove 'em right
I'm not leavin tonight
It's over and done
Let's leave this alone
And let's make love til the morning comes
(Not leaving tonight)

[Jennifer Hudson] Oh I won't deny that everything in my body wants to love the trouble
[Ne-Yo]Then whats the problem girl?
[Jennifer Hudson]See I can't take this serious, when your just having fun
[Ne-Yo]Oh I'm not just having fun
[Jennifer Hudson]Steady running around
[Ne-Yo]I'm not running around
[Jennifer Hudson]Making fool of me
[Ne-Yo]Baby girl you can't listen to everyone

[Ne-Yo]I'm your man
[Jennifer Hudson]Your the man
[Ne-Yo]Trust in me
[Jennifer Hudson]uh huh
[Ne-Yo]Don' let them interfere with us being happy
[Jennifer Hudson]Babe
[Ne-Yo]Love me girl

Verse 3:
[Jennifer Hudson]I love you, that's a fact
[Ne-Yo]Say that you love me babe
[Jennifer Hudson]But I'll be damned If Imma let you up and disrespect whose been there from the start
(And I've been disrespect, my heart)
You claim, claim to not know her (not know that girl)
(But name and number is in your phone)
she even got a ringtone
You care to explain that part?

Bridge: (Pre-Chorus):
[Jennifer Hudson]Saturday she called here 26 times
[Ne-Yo]I know you counted
[Jennifer Hudson]You kept telling me not to worry
[Ne-Yo]Please don't worry about it
[Jennifer Hudson]Wanna believe you're telling the truth
[Ne-Yo]So don't doubt it
[Jennifer Hudson]But if you are lying to me

[Ne-Yo]Im not leaving tonight
[Jennifer Hudson]Leavin Tonight
[Ne-Yo]Girl your my life
[Jennifer Hudson]outta my life
[Jennifer Hudson]Everyone said you ain't no good, you proved them right
[Jennifer Hudson]Leavin Tonight
[Ne-Yo]Said i'm not leavin tonight
[Jennifer Hudson]It's over and done
[Ne-Yo]Let's leave this alone and lets make love til the morning comes
(Not leaving tonight)
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[Ne-Yo]Said I just need you to turst me baby
[Jennifer Hudson]I wanna trust you baby
Not leaving tonight... (music fades)