Letra Look momma i'm gay de 50 Cent

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Ye.. (do me Billy!)
One day I was watchin' da tv
Then ma daddy cam to me
I was about 5 years old
He changed my cartoons
He put da play girl channel
All da white fucks were fuckin' each otha
And I was likin' it
I could notice ma dick was getting hard
Then muh daddy put out his dick
It was big, fat and black full of dark hair
I was getting hard of jus' lookin' at dat dick
I came to him and put his dick on ma mouth
He said wut u doin' bitch?
I didn't say nothin'
Just sucked and sucked
I could see daddy was enjoying it
I went on and on
Daddy was now almost yelling
now he put down muh punts
and put his dick on ma ass
It kinda hurt but it don't matter cuz I like it
Yeah, yeah I said
Do me hard, you do me very hard
Then I put my lil 3 inches dick on his ass
He liked it too
when I was bout 15
a full tennager now
The scence repeated agen
I fucked him, but dis time it was betta
cuz mah dick was bigga and harder
Oh man I fucked and fucked
He sucked my dick and It felt good
yeah (fuck me!)
so nice to feel his tonge on ma hard dick
Oh ye.. and I became gay