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How can you fairly assess something from the outside looking in?
There´s gotta be them times you´ll be wrong. Nah Mean?
How can a mother fucka go round and hate a nigga
he never even met that he dont even know and shit?
I think this rap shit is all beef

Y´all dont even know every day I´m livin with stress
Got up out the streets you think a nigga could rest
Can´t even enjoy myself at a party unless
I´m on the dance floor hot ass vest
You think I´m freakin´ these chicks right?
I´try not to brush against they chest
You get a lawsuit for shit like that, I feel trapped
Swear to everything when I leave this earth
It´s gon´ be on both feet, never knees in the dirt
You could try me fucka but when I squeeze it hurts, fine
We´ll lose two lives, yours and mines
Gimme any amount of time dont let Ms. Carter grieve
at the funeral parlor drippin´ tears on my sleeve
Told the judge didn´t budge it was him or me
and I ain´t trying to be hard but I´m guilty as charged
Put my mercy on this court and my faith in God
And pray hard none of my nephews wanna be stars...Lucky Me

[Chorus: Karen Anderson]

You only know what you see,
You dont understand what it takes to be me.

I hate all girls with alterior motives
That´s why I´m twenty plus years old, no sons no daughters
Hate putting my life in the hands of fake promoters
Hear the hate in my voice right? I hate that you noticed
Niggas wanna strip to the bone for shit you own
Hate a nigga like that faggot, get your own
Hate that I can´t roam the street without the clip and chrome
Knowing one day Im´a have to flip, c´mon
You know the shit don´t stop ´til the Crist don´t pop
And you have to kill a nigga and your wrist don´t lock
I´m trapped the whole worlds against me in fact,
It aint no turning back. Bring It On
Hate the price of fame cause it cost too much
Can I live without y´all niggas saying I floss too much?
Hate the way you make this hate flow all through us
Steady looking for flaws through us.... Lucky Me

[Chorus: Karen Anderson, Jay-Z]

You only know what you see,
You dont understand what it takes to be me
You only know what you see,
(Since I was 4 years old, I been told, everything that glitters ain´t gold)
You dont understand what it takes to be me
(And now that I´ve arrived
I see those truths unfold before my eyes in this world so cold)

Nigga see you in the street, pretend to be friendly
But I know any type of success breeds envy
I know in the back of your mind your conjuring ways to hen me
Leave my friends in a circle pouring out Henny
But G´s is heaven bound so how I´m gon´ receive
Anything y´all pour to the ground next time throw it up
And ain´t nothing changed so even in my afterlife I show it up
Dont grieve for me my art remains
like a dart from the speaker to your heart
Spiritually through the portal now my words as a mortal
Plan to leave without a fight I plant a seed I give life
Though I can´t see past the girls greed to call her wife
Next time your thinking heist better be precise
Cause I´m fully prepared. One of us is gon´ leave here
I have no regrets even though I wanna see grow
My godsons Boogie, Sonny and Rimo

[Chorus x 4]