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Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Get money, make money
Why´s it always got to be about some money
Ha, ha, ha, ha
Cause I was born to have it
You satisfied

[Chorus 2X]
In my life, money comes and goes
Money comes and goes
Even when it´s movin´ slow
I ain´t afraid to spend it cause it comes and goes

[Verse 1: Ma$e]
See the charm is global, the ice on my arm is oval
Money stacked in the back like it´s Barnes and Noble
I know a girl Colorado, half of mulatto
Said I was hollow till I bought her a Murado
Some call me Ma$e and some call me Dolla
Some came to hate and some came to holla
Followed by a mode,l I ain´t even cop a bottle
See me GP and I ain´t even hit the throttle
Mansion not listed, y´all got me twisted
Only young boys shop at the district
I hop out of big things rocky wristed
Now everybody thinking I´m domestic
Uh, grown mine, I need to chrome mine
Y´all go lease, I need to own mine
I stay so fresh I need my own line
So if money involved I need a hundred for mine


[Verse 2: Ma$e]
I know the pros and the cons to the smoking dons
See I´m laid in the shade to the Boca rotund
And people wanna beat me with they open arms
But could it be my Rolls or my frozen arm
I´m like whoa man, mind I remember, I fear no man
Put chicks on the floor like a slow jam
With God on my side I fear no man, I´m deprogrammed
It´s like I don´t really care what another man think
Love to spend many so I understand
Money in the bank so I understand
Excuse me miss your standin´ on my mink
My rock so big it jams up the sink
You can´t call me sissy cause my whole hand pink
Enough ice in this to make a man blink
You think I care about what he think
Here we go


[Verse 3: Ma$e]
Now you be the middle man, I´ma be the money man
This flow right here, I know you don´t understand
Power to get wealth, part of the covenant
I´m not your man, don´t front me about your government
Y´all do it y´all way, I´ma do it God´s way
Forget the house I put a million on the driveway
Clothes every spendin´ winnin´ dressed up in funny linen
Grinnin´ while I spendin´ givin´ to men and women
Oh we back we cool we friends again
And we gonna get some lunch
Oh we back we cool we friends again
And you ain´t seen me in sixty months
I know how you stunt, I´m hard to distort
You know my face so it´s hard to resort
Garage, lookin´ like a rob report
House, one hole away from a golf resort