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[Intro: Method Man]
Yo... aww shhhhhhiiiiiiit!

[Hook: Method Man]
My niggaz, how we do it? You know it like a poet, baby doll
Break through it, you know it like a poet, baby doll
I spit, chew it, you know it like a poet, baby doll
Get in the music, you know it like a poet, baby doll

[Method Man]
If you don´t know, you better, ask somebody who I be
On land, air, or sea, I don´t need No I.D
Once again, let´s get under their skins like I.V.´s
Or Roman numerals fours (IV´s) who we doin´ the score
I got a shoe in the door, nothin´ new anymore
Ya´ll got love for me? I got love for you and yours
Tical Part 0, my friend, rappers is fightin´
Like Tyson, when nothin´ else work I´ll start bitin´
My shit, and his shit, I´m hopin´ it end
I live my life like a lotto ticket, hopin´ it win
Purple haze got me chokin´ again, open again
I´m what´s crackin´, like your mamma smokin´ again

[Chorus: Method Man]
If you see a model, then you might see me follow
Rubbin´ her thighs like Aladdin rub the Genie bottle
Back for another swallow, Method, you know my motto:
"Ya´ll might just win today, but I´ll be back tomorrow"

[Method Man]
Ya´ll tryin´ to get me started
Who on the short yellow bus tryin´ to get retarded?
Kid don´t be the artist, formerly known as artist
Jump off a skyscraper, the roof who hit the hardest
Where the bastards at and where they habitats?
I send they asses back to foldin´ sweaters at the Gap
I like Nikes, food spicy, I´m a Pisces
That´s why women love me and any nigga that´s like me
Thoroughbread, I´m with gettin´ this dough instead
Need a ho, like I need another hole in the head
Lord help me, I´m crackin´ the safe, pocket like ´Face
Mighty Healthy, you know I´m the shit, soon as you smelt me


[Method Man]
For what it´s worth, the early bird sit at the table and eat first
My niggaz need work, mami buggin´, rippin´ my t-shirt
We can kick it until our feet hurt
Mothers warn your daughters ´bout this tall drink of water
Spoiler, waiter give her anything she order on the menu
Method Man, live at your venue
Smokin´ it, jumpin´ off the dick, like he mental
Kid, I got a murder rap, and my head is simple
Open up the pussy, put the lead in the pencils
And people sayin´ Wu gon´ break up, ya´ll
We got y´all numbers, it´s time ya´ll got your wake up calls, and..

[Chorus 2X]