Letra Now u want my love de Ms Dynamite

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[Verse One:]

Remember when I was so weak 4 u,
Remember when I felt so deep 4 u,
I remember the day I cried 4 u,
Remember the days I thoughI´d die for you.
But you said you had no time for me,
Said that you and I would never be,
Said you wouldn´t mind gettin´ up between my legs,
But not good enough to be your girl that´s what you said.

[Pre Chorus x2]

Ooh how you broke my heart that day,
All the love I had for you,
But only disrespect did you show me.


Now you want my love,
So what ya tryin´ 2 tell me?
Now I´m good enough?
And now you want my time,
If you think you´re gunna get it must be out ya fuckin mind.

[Verse Two:]

Now it was pure disrespect that you showed me,
And now suddenly a brother wanna know me,
Is it because I´m Ms. Dynamitee,
That suddenly you wantin´ me to be your wifey.
You´re showing how shallow you really are,
Coz all this shit don´t make me no superstar,
Lickle name Lickle fame Up in dis game,
Shit ain´t changed, shit ain´t changed,
I´m still the same,
I´m still the same girl,
Who´s heart you broke that day,
All the love I had for you,
But only disrespect did you show me.


Da Da Da


Now you tried misusin´, abusin´ and usin´
Was it ammusin´ when you was confusin´
And left me in sorrow.
Now tell me who´s in control.

And it was so upsettin´ but now I´m lettin´ you know my love you ain´t gettin´,
I´m bettin´ that you regrettin´ the day you stole that lickle piece of my soul.

[Chorus x2]