Letra Oh word? de Beastie Boys

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Yo what the schnitzel we´re back
Shit´s getting duller and duller and that´s a fact
I don´t care what you heard or care what you seen
I swear it wasn´t me in Bear magazine
Because I´m not that hairy oh contrary
I go with the flow though the tempo varies
So twist the cap and pop the cork
My name´s Adrock made in New York

Oh word?

What the ponytail, I don´t eat snail
I´ll steal your keys and then I´ll check your mail
´Cause I´m the creepy crawler that be crawling your walls
And I´m the shot caller when it comes to shot calls
And I´ll be rockin´ parties from block to block
And block party to party the neighborhoods on lock
So hide your eyes, wait, I saw you looking
The name´s MCS made in downtown Brooklyn

Oh word?

Yo what the parsley, parsley to the teeth
I´m a rhyme style writer you´re a rhyme style thief
I may be paranoid you tried to fade me
Here´s a song for you "Lady"
Make you bug out like you don´t know what to do
Your momma says "shame on you"
When you´re dancing with your crew
So get that poor chicken up off your fork
My name´s Mike D made in New York

Oh word?

Yo what the talafel you gotta get up awful
Early to fool Mr. Furley
And that´s word to Aunt Shirley and you could
Stick your head in the toilet give yourself a swirley
Listen up biters go please stop
While I´m politicin´ at Murray´s Cheese Shop
Believe what you heard when you talk
My name is Adrock made in New York

Oh word?
What the phone booth word to hair moose
You´re on the corner and you´re selling a hog´s tooth
Don´t mean to dis but I´ve got to point out
The hogs tooth belong inside the hog´s mouth
Like Ernest Shackleton said to Ord Lees
I´ll have dog pemmican with my tea
Now pass the wok ´cause I´m cookin´
The names MCS made in Downtown Brooklyn

Oh word?

Yo, what the doofus, say good night
You´re Snidely Whiplash I´m Dudley Do-you-right
Times are off the hinges leave your 2 way at the door
We´re all up the creek a long way from shore
Not walking around looking to get you cake
The D is for Diamonds not for Drakes
This not a fantasy and I´m not Mr. O´Rourke
The name´s Mike D made in New York

Oh word?