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Huh, huh, haaaaa
Pump it
huh, huh, haaaa and
pump it (louder) [4x]

Turn up the radio
Blast your stereo riiiight
N*ggas wanna hate on us (who)
N*ggas be envious (who)
And I know why they hating on us (why)
Cause styles so fabulous (what)
I?ma be real on us (c'mon), nobody got nothing on us (no)
Girls be all on us, from London back down to the US (s,s)
We rockin' this (contagious), Monkey Business (outrageous)
Just confess- your girl admits that we the sh*t
F-R-E-S-H we fresh, D-E-F, that?s right we def, rock
We definite, B-E-P we reppin' it, so

Turn it up (turn it up) [3x]
Come on baby just
Pump it (louder) [6x]
And say, oh oh oh oh
say, oh oh oh oh
Yo yo, Turn up the radio
Blast your stereo riiiight now
this joint is fizzlin, it?s sizzlin, riiiight

Ya check this out right here:
Dude wanna hate on us (dude)
Dude need to ease on up (dude)
Dude wanna act on up
But dude get shut like flavor (shut down)
Chick say she ain?t down
But chick backstage when we in town (ha)
She like man on drugs (who)
She wanna hit n' run(huh?)
Yeah, that?s the speed, that?s what we do, that?s who we be
B-L-A-C-K E-Y-E-D P to the E, then the A to the S
When we play you shake your *ss
Shake it, shake it, shake it girl
Make sure you don?t break it, girl, (cuz we gonna)



Apl.De.Ap from Philippines
Live and direct, rockin' the scene
Break it on down for the B-boys and B-girls waiting to do they thing
Pump it, louder come on, don?t stop, and keep it going
Do it, let?s get it on, move it
Come on, baby, do it

(hut)La da dee da da dee daaa,
On the stere-ere-ere-ere-o
Let the speakers blow your mind (Blow my mind baby)
Let it go, let it go, here we go.
La da dee da da dee daaa,
On the radi-adi-adi-adi-o.
The system's got me feeling' so Fi-e-i-e-i-e-i-e-i-ine!

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