Letra Rainy Days de Ja Rule Ft Mary J Blige

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Hey yeah
Rule Baby, heh
Mary J. Blige
Murda INC.


It's just those rainy days
Spend a lifetime tryin' to wash away
Until the sun comes out and shines again
Smile for me, smile for me

All of Those rainy days
Spend your lifetime tryin' to wash away
Til the sun shines and I see your face
Smile at me, smile at me

Verse 1

We were always living so crazy and sexy and cool
And we begin to love it (begin to love it)
Watchin all of the heartache and pain of the world
And thinkin nothin of it ( thinkin nothin of it)
Baby I got a love for you
And I know that you got me, baby (got me baby)
But every time the sun shines bright
It get so cloudy yeaaa


[M]- Nobody loves the rain
[J]- Can't stand it, It always seem to fall
[M]- Baby handle it
Baby didn't we tell ya before about chasin those waterfalls
(chasin waterfalls)
[Both]- Yeah (Repeat)

Verse 2
Mary baby
Sometimes the Rule don't mind the rain
It kinda feels like I'm drownin in the Lords pain
Until the sun comes out and shines again
Smile, give me reason to keep belivin
That everything ain't misleadin
And I, kiss the clouds on a rainy days
And, smile for you when ya skies are gray
Babe, cuz imma tear drop away from cryin
And few shots away from dyin
Dear Lord, would you shower my pain
Let it rain, let it rain on me
While I cherish the air I breathe
I'm an angel, that can't soar, can't fly
And I, mastered Lord knows why


Verse 3
I feel like an angel (Mend my broken wings)
So I can soar again (Lord let me in)
Baby through all the passion the pain and the hurt,
I feel like I'm fallin, Yeah
And givin love to those that, Spread love
And for those who can't take it , Stand up
Baby we gon make it
In the words of Marvin Gay
War is not the answer

Tomado de AlbumCancionYLetra.com
Smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile, smile
Til the sun shines
Just smile for me
Just smile for me, just smile at me
Knowin in your heart that we are free
Free to believe, whateva we feel
so feel something real, baby