Letra Real pimp de Nate Dogg

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[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
I´m a real P-I-M-P
And I love the way the ladies shake that thang
From a real G-A-N-G
And the haters know this Dogg Pound Gangsta gang
Nigga you can´t fuck with me
From the jump I told you I cannot be faded
Never been no mystery
Never took no shit and always got my thang

[Nate Dogg]
Let me teach you the game man, homie wit´ this
When he rockin´ ya brain man, gimme a visit
Let me show you the ropes loc, would she be missin´
Goin´ to smoke you some endo, we keep it pimpin´
Niggaz playin´ that hate game, we keep it pimpin´
Niggaz movin´ that weight man, we keep it pimpin´
Bitches shakin´ that thang man, we keep it pimpin´
Got one comin´ wit´ me man, I got love
I got love for my niggaz who be watchin´ my back
No I ain´t got love for hoes who play them games
You can check my gangsta files
I been putting in work since 1985
Got an angel by my side
All my demons always beggin´ me to ride

Uh, now ever since ruffles had ridges, Luda´s had bitches
Pimp, get more gums then baby pictures
Menages wit sistas, veins poppin´ out like shimp, lobster
A-Town mobster, garage full of 6´s, what can I say?
If something don´t smell right, what can I spray?
Tec-9 incense, say for instance
See you in the distance, hit ´em in an instant
We so crummy, countin´ mo´ money
But stay strapped up like crash test dummies
Put 3 to ya tummy, 2 to ya throat
And bulletproof cars, we ride like the pope
Just in case, you don´t make it home
You better super glue grip the chrome
´Cause you was talkin´ that yap and got put in the bed
Now it´s a frog in ya throat like Ms. Piggy givin´ head