Letra Rodeo de Method Man

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[Intro: Method Man]
Yeah... yeah (come on ride in my rodeo, come on ride in my rodeo)
This one of another one of them nasty M-E-F joints, come on, come on
Come on (come on ride in my rodeo, come on ride in my rodeo)

[Method Man]
To all the chicks with they asses thick
Out the whole click, she the baddest bitch
Dose-doh, round your partner, switch
Clan in Da Front, we be starting shit
No don´t trip, dog, spark ´em, quick
Holla when a real nigga talkin´, trick
We got grip, but we ain´t spendin´ shit
You and your friends, stop pretendin´ trip

Let a nigga get nut pushed, better yet let a nigga get some head
I work ´em, work ´em or feed ´em, burp ´em, then jerk ´em, instead
I get my nuts pushed, on the bottom to the top of your gums
I feel your slurpin´, slurpin, I´m skeetin´ and squirtin´ your tongue
And I got about 5 grand, but I won´t be spendin´ a dime
See cuz overspendin´s a crime and I can´t be spendin´ my time
If you get your guts pushed, could be of cuz Luda and Meth
Could be of cuz we do it best, could be of cuz we screw ´em to death

[Chorus: Method Man (Ludacris)]
Come up out of them dirty clothes (bend on over and touch them toes)
Uh-oh, we-oh, we-oh! (Come on and ride this rodeo)
(Meth & Luda we lock and load) Round your partner, now dose-doh
Uh-oh, we-oh, we-oh! (Come on and ride this rodeo)

I wonder where about five bottles of gin, models that wanna swallow
And wobble, gobble again, tell a couple of friends
I slap that ass, bitch, take a look and see what you got in
Cuz I´ve been schemin´ and plottin´, to have you breathin´ and stoppin´

[Method Man]
What we talkin´ bout? Pussy poppin´, car hoppin´ women
See ´em watchin´, clockin´, pigeons
Flockin´ Luda they jockin´, lightin´ buddha, and boots is rockin´
Nameless hoes, take ´em brainless with painted toes
Famous, she code, twerkin´ pussy, hurtin´, workin´ that pose

They wanna raise that pussy tab, price and position
Enticin´ these women, given the proper juice
Life that they livin´, hope that they double deuce
Shifted ass cheeks, last week and Ludacris is backseat
Afraid so, ask son, taste them

[Method Man]
Now watch me, dog ´em, freak ´em
Out every weekend, she puttin´ APB´s on my dick
I keep on bettin´ and breathin´, where´s my pants, I´m leavin´
I´m speakin´ facts, mamies creepin´ and they cheatin´
They even sleepin´ with mats, some be eatin´ that cat
I´m teasin´, indecent expose, Method be tweakin´
Keep pussies leakin´ through pantyhoes, marijuana smell on my clothes
This evening, these bunnies got me on swoll, I bust and reload
Honey, break out the ´dro and give me some mo´, on the rodeo

[Chorus w/ Luda & Meth switching lines]