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You say you fight to give us freedom
But often more than not this is abused
And the faces of a tired generation
have decided they are sick of being used
for the purpose of current declarations
Still the same, it´ll never change until the end
Is to buy appreciation of the nation
To cover the mistakes you must defend
And you say there´ll be a chance for evryone
to proptest against your calculated greed
But I can see into the future
Won´t be long before the welfare
Send me letters telling me how much they need
And it´s not been in my interest to please them
For the only interest rate to fall is mine
See a brand new generation in demanding
What you´ve been doing with out money all this time

People try living life at speed of light
Don´t know why but I have to do the things I do
Give me ten, that´s the move I give you five
People say it´s the way to stay alive

So you see you have to be a schemer
If you wanna love the life you have to live
And it don´t matter how much I earn
´Cos I always get my fingers burned
When the man gets down to his business
And I´ve been searching for a reason
Why I have to give it all up just when I want to get ahead
See I had to lose car, job, wife, dog and home
Debts and threats on the telephone
Maybe I should bust a move instead
Now we all know when we watch the television
Not confused between a puppet or conviction
Glued to the screen by a thousand shallow words of widsom
It ain´t what it seems when it´s a single sided system
Someone´s got a hold on my living
So I´m gonna have to do the things that´s fair
They got to justify for what I should be giving
Should I lie, should I steal or should I care
´Cos now I´ve got to scam