Letra Shakedown de Blondie

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I used to get sick with solitude
I was always better in the multitude
But now I like it up here all alone in my ivory tower
Hi-ho at the end of my rope
I watch it all through a telescope
I think I´d have a better chance to see the pope
I get so bored with his shtick and his mini-minute dick
And all his high and mighty shit, I´m a witch
Well, well, well a wish wanna throw it in a ditch
I´m concentrating on the big laugh
You just acting like that damn old Riff-Raff
Shakedown baby
I don´t want to have to see
What you got hiding in your body cavity
I´m so sick of your Jersey rap
Your slab rat white as a tic-tac
Why don´t you take a dirt nap
You make me laugh and I know who I´m laughing at
Big Jersey hoo-haa
Like your style, like your freedom of speech
Like your dirty thoughts, like your Cream of Wheat
Tuesday is out
Never may be great, level down and read ´em
From the Garden State, this is a Jersey plate
Saturdayin´ pretty driving in the city
Your boom is a distortion
Your act is a contortion
The perfume and pretension
Your hair in invention
Ha,Ha,Ha the hive is humming
I thought I heard it all
But there´s still more coming
Put it in, put it in, put it in, why don´t you put it in
You said your name was what
What kind of a name is that
Shooting past me on the turnpike
Should have told you to take a hike
But there was something
I don´t know what
That I guess I kind of like, that nasty attitude
Mediterranean lastitude
I guess you did give me a rush
Yeah you gave me a thrill
Felt so hot and flushed
I even had to take a pill
And your pattern yeah your method yeah
The way you deliver long and slow
The way you get your percussion going
Going strong, and it´s my turn to be blowing
Yeah singing my song
You think you know me
Think again
Who´s your friend
Who put this freak flag in the mail
Why you sending me this pig tail
You back in Jail
I got your post card saying
How it is in that pen your in
Signed don´t forget me, lot´s of love from adrenaline
Give it a rest, give it a rest
You got one dimension pure pretension
Cross the river start to shiver
Over to the big smoke, and it´s no joke
I told you one more word from you
About Jersey and your dead
Let me lick that uh uh
Can I kiss that, no
Let me kiss that
Let me lick that come on
Let me lick that
Uh huh it might be too sweet
It won´t be too sweet