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Shawty said the nigga that she wit aint shit (x6)

(Verse 1:)
He's a beast , he's a dog, he's a to the left problem. Tryna tell them lies hoping that I won't solve them. I'll call him, voicemail picking straight up. Should I GPS him? Damn right straight up. My mind keep telling me I'm bout to earn a felony. He'll never get the best of me, rushing fast tryna see why the maybacks parked somewhere will he'll never be, 3 o'clock in the morning when he should be next to me. Hope it ain't kymberly better not be tiffany, its probably that ebony, how this dude be trying me? Just wine and dining everything is fine. It don't work like that I put in too much time. Damn I'm in shock can't believe what I see, he ain't wit that one chick in the back wit all three. Low down dirty ass cheating lame nigga. Don't make me put this finger on this trigger.

Shawty said the nigga that she wit ain't shit (x8)

(Verse 2:)
Nah I ain't shoot him cuz he ain't worth that. That purse he bout yesterday I took that shit back. I got them 12 stacks, I bleached all his clothes so he know what gonna happen when he mess wit other hoes. I burned all his shoes, I swiped all his cards, ordered Gucci off the internet and sold it in the yard. The sucker went dead broke in just three hours. After the transaction hit house trump towers. I called his mama up she said she feel my pain, she told me if she was me she would've done the same thing. Yeah I kept the ring just switched the finger on the middle one cuz now it's f u nigga. Was a diamond in the ruff I ain't never played tough til you got outta line doing all that dumb stuff. This nigga had it good I could've sworn that this was it, come to find out that nigga wasn't shit.

Shawty said the nigga that she wit ain't shit (x8)

(Verse 3:)
Ladies if you know your nigga cheating and he late night creeping, telephone stay ringing, wit the boys every weekend, he be texting, looking, peaking making sure you aint seeing. Then you know that nigga ain't shit. If he dont answer his phone and his car ain't parked home and you know he love to bone cuz he hate to be alone and if you catch him wit a (shone) and he say that he grown. Then you know that nigga ain't shit. If his mama lie for him and his brother do to and his sister say girl he gon' do what he do and you know he telling lies tryna make you think they true. Then you know that nigga ain't shit. If he say that he was working but you just came through when the boss said that he called in wit the flu, you check his voicemail some chick saying where are you. Then you know that nigga ain't shit.
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Shawty said that nigga that wit ain't shit (repeat out)