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It´s kinda hard to wear high heels, or slip on banana peels
How does she get in and out of tubs
I hope she dont get mad, I hope she thinks this song is good not bad
Cause we think that she´s totally rad, she´s nubs.

No fingers, no toes, she doesn´t own elbows,
No phalanges no knobby knees to knock
She don´t need knuckles or hands to go see punk rock bands
She´s always in the stands, she´s nubs
She can´t pick up a phone, she can´t get dressed alone
She´s got no funny bone, she´s nubs
No shoes for feet but we sure do think she´s neat, she´s nubs, she´s nubs, she´s nubs.

I asked her if she want a drink, I asked her if she liked Toronto,
I asked her to go out to the bar, but all she said was no thanks, no and no

It was time for us to leave, so I grabbed and shook her sleeve
and told her I´d see her at the next club she got into a pack
and some guy put her on his back, she said goodbye and kinda waved her stub

She´s got beauitful eyes, and breasts regular size,
but without calves and thighs, she´s nubs
It´s hard to give good head or get tied to a bed,
when all you´ve got is a body and head, she´s nubs

She´s nubs, She´s nubs, She´s nubs...
Oh she may not walk the walk, and she may not like to talk
But boy she sure knows how to rock, she´s nubs.