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-Layzie Bone- (Krayzie)
(Yeah) Yeah...Bone Thugs...
(You know a nigga been all over the world man)
Australia, China, Africa...England (you know it's the same shit everywhere I go, you know)

-Bone Thugs N Harmony- (Krayzie Bone)
Why does everybodys story seem to sound the same? (It all seems so fimiliar, fimiliar)/ Struggle in the game (It all seems so fimiliar, fimiliar), they left the hood for change (It all seems so fimiliar, fimiliar)/ Why does everybodys story seem to sound the same? (It all seems so fimiliar, fimiliar)/ The left some time in vain (It all seems so fimiliar, fimiliar)/ Gotta wise, the shit that lame (It all seems so fimiliar, fimiliar)

-Krayzie Bone-
I can remember that little nigga when he was just a young lad/ Nobody thought he make it up outta the hood, before the gun blast (gun blast)/ 'Cause Johnny wanted to be a thug/ runnin' from cops out on the block, the boy was hot and didn't give a fuck (scandolous)/ Runnin' up in the black mask, niggas if you got cash, drop it off in that bag and make craps fast/ Destroyin' the system, make some money to survive the streets/ but you deep inside this ain't how you tryna be/ But it's all to think when you're strugglin' and can't sleep/ 'cause ya hungry and can't eat, 'cause livin just aint free..but shet/ Pappa been laid off...mamma been laid off/ Everywhere I here the same old song...


-Layzie Bone-
To probably take a loss, I'm tryna fight these demons/ By any means, by any cost I'm out here reppin' Cleveland/ They got be bobbin, weavin'/ nigga give me the reason/ To let 'em flies...do or die, niggas no longer breathin'/ Known as a (?), before Layzie Bone it was Steven/ And I'm just tryna break even, leavin' you leakers steadley creepin'/ Shit get deep when daddy gone (daddy gone)/ and momma can't do it on her on (her on)/ Lights off, gas gone/ mumma, daddy comin' home?/ I guess not, sell rocks, rappin' with my niggas Bone/ (wassup Wish! yeah...we all we got!) and that's Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone (wassup Kray! yeah, we all we got...nigga!)/ and that's Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone..


-Wish Bone-
So you ever been to the Chi? me too, you ever been shot? me too/ Sold rocks, all nighters on blocks/ catch cases...shit me too/ That's the story no one ridin', nobody can tell it for me/ Mumma workin' double shift...daddy who? daddy who?/ And when he do it's always later, never came/ he done broke that boys heart, man again, damn again/ Don't wonder why it's like that in the ghetto/ Grew up, outta luck/ Don't give a fuck about life so we let 'em go/ I know my heart is cold, you know how them ghetto children grow/ Give me money and I can keep my temper low/ Everbody knows love, clubs, cars and hoes/ priorities fucked up, but we already know!

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