Letra Step off de Missy Elliot

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I know your not my man
That you belong to someone else (nah)
Now come on in, an shut the door
I make sure you enjoy yourself
If you give me a try, before you deny
I´m still in love wit you
Or maybe obsessed wit you

We don´t make love no more (umm hmm)
We don´t kiss and we hug like we used to (used to)
But I´m still in love with you
Wait a minute
Now if I drive by your house (house)
And see some bitch in your bed, under the spreads
Giving you.....head
Then I´m gonna turn it out (hhaay)

I´m the only one who keep you satisfied
And though were not together I remember what you like
So tell them chicks to step off cause I fill your appetite
And I´m the only women who gon do it like you like

(Hey uh)
What part don´t you get?
(hey hey)
Even though I´m not your girl anymore
And you don´t want me no more
I deserve to know who you sleepin´ wit
(ooooh yyeeaah)
Is she better then me? (me me)
Do she cook, do she clean?
Do she sew, do she sting?
Can she do these things?

Cause I...


I still love ya baby
Makes no difference to me
And I still wantcha baby
Want to be the one you need
The one you call on (umm umm)
Cause I´m the only one that makes you feel good (umm umm)

Sing it to me
[Chorus repeat 2x]