Letra Tell me why de Will Smith

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[INTRO] - Why, why, why, why, why. Why


I really wish I could explain it baby (why),
It´s just the world is kinda crazy baby (why),
Ain´t no pretty way to paint it baby (why),
Don´t cry, dry your eyes
September 11th, I woke up about 7am, west coast time, French toast and my
Turkey bacon, taking my time, awakin´, turning my TV on
To my surprise, saw what everybody in the world saw
Me & my children, images were chillin´
My son said, "Daddy were there people in that building?"
A cold sweat, frozen with a lump in my chest
I heard his question, couldn´t bring my lips to say "Yes" to him
That night at my son´s side, he cried & prayed
For the one´s who died in the World Trade
His palms to God, seeds and qualms with God
He just kept on pressin´ me, wanna know why
Then one week later our bombs were dropped
We seein´ them on CNN, they just won´t stop
The infrared images of brutal attack
He said, "Daddy now we killin´ em back"; (right, right)

[CHORUS - (2x)]

[BRIDGE - Mary J. Blige:]
Mmmmm, souls are captured
Dreams are stolen, hearts are broken
Evil blatantly rewarded
Hate surrenders, Love exalted
Hope elated, negativity is shorted
Why is the bomb always getting the last word
& why did her uncle have to molest her
& why did all them cops have to be shootin´ to kill
& why did all them priests have to act so ill
Tell me why did James Byrd Jr. have to be touched
Tell me why did Malcolm & Martin depart from us
Tell me why did that sniper make the little boy shoot
& why does human life always denied for loot
Tell me why did Mandela have to live in a cage
Why did my brother Sterling have to die at that age
Tell me why did Reginald Denny deserve his fate
& why the f*@k can´t love seem to defeat hate
Tell me why is it so hard for all the children to eat
Why did Pac & Biggie Smalls have to fall in the street
Tell me why did Jam Master Jay have to go that way
Please what am I supposed to say to my kids when they say ´Why?´

[CHORUS - (2x)]

Can´t explain it baby, life is just really crazy
I mean if it´s world wars or the life of a little baby
We got more stores than they got rice under Buddha lazy
You live four scores & still it be driving you crazy
But for me I try to see the bright side
Sometimes it´d be like the goodness be tryin´ to hide
Then try to flee, but it can´t it´s deep inside
Sweetie, you be the light for the others, make ´em believe in God

[BRIDGE - Mary J. Blige:]