Letra Thats Right de Three 6 Mafia Ft Akon

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[Chorus] Akon:
Like what you heard
Or what you saw
When you look at me man you see hardcore
A real street hood n!@@a
Widhing n!@@a what n!@@a
I could give a damn what you thing about it all
If you think I'm crazy (That's right)
If you think I'm lazy (That's right)
Cuz It Don't really matter what you think about me
F*$k you baby (That's right)
(DJ Paul)
Now now 6, got my hands on my first mill'
Eyes on 7, damn man it a quarter bill
Enemies closer, but my 45's closer
You can be the starter
But I'm a be the closer
Damn it what these hatas say
Damn it what these hatas thought
I reside in matches , they know it aint my fault
Everyshit I do I do it just to make these suckas mad
And they rise, they claimin thay get all ready
Had ten dalla tees, bet they keys bitchin honeys
Yo life time dreams and I'd already done it
Plus I'd done it wit yo wife
She said I made her night
But I didn't hit her back cuz her mouth wasn't right
(Juicy J)
I'm a north Memphis playa I got my own thangy thang
I Pimp a rock xxxx wit a little blingy bling
I don't respect you hatas xxxxx you dellin shuga shane
You mad at me cuz I'm ballin and I got that candy cane
You n!@@az sit n blow and you think you're superman
I hit you with this ine xxxx and back and make it rain
It's your boy Juicy J
And I'm wild out the frame
I teabag your girland let my dog run and train
The more you hate
The more we sip
The streets we bomb
The extra clips
It aint no thang to have a fif
Cuz real playas don't take no shit