Letra The brouhaha de Beastie Boys

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Now what the blood clot I rap a lot
What you gonna do when the beat goes drop?
Whatcha talkin´ ´bout Willis? Who the illest?
You know my name´s Adam stop callin´ me Phyllis
Ya hear some fuss, you´re like what´s the clamor?
It´s just me naked on the cover of Glamour
A phenomenon pandemonium
The club is blowing up like plutonium
What´s all the fanfare what´s the to do
We´re known to bring the hullabaloo
On stage or at the spa
Guaranteed we bring the brouhaha

´Cause it´s a brouhaha
´Cause it´s a brouhaha

There´s a commotion that´s goin´ down
I talk more shit then drown the clown
I´m like that freak from Cirque de Soleil
With my leg behind my head and a rhyme to say
Ten nine eight seven six five four
Get upon the mic and I´m a even the score
one two three, three to two one
don´t carry a knife and I don´t carry a gun
Yo we be making mountains out of Cool Whip
Pass me the mint for the julep
Tell me everybody where is the love
Hey yo what´s the motherfuckin´ hubbub

´Cause it´s a brouhaha
´Cause it´s a brouhaha

Communicator check one two one two
This is Bones McCoy on a line to Sulu
Set the bullshit to warp factor one
Check your tri-corder set your phaser to stun
Oh mai oui you can catch me
At Jean Vie with a pastry
C´est ci c´est la oh n´est pas
Qu´est-ce-que c´est le brouhahaha
Ha haha haha!
Just back from Japan and ooh I´m laggin´
Goin´ rao rao with the dungeon dragon
You can dance if you want to leave your friends behind
But if they don´t dance and then they won´t dance they can kiss my fuckin´ ass
´Cause it´s a brouhaha
´Cause it´s a brouhaha