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Oh baby
My lady
You like what you´re hearin´ baby
What´s going on
I´ve seen you around my way
A couple times
You must have just moved around
The way right
I see all the fellows have been
Pressing you for your number
I´d like to get to know you, so um....
Maybe we can spend some time and
Talk on the phone or something

I can think of many ways to say
I love you
And with those many ways there comes
A time
For me to say I´ll put no girls
Before you
So pretty lady make up your mind

Girl you look surprised
I´ve got conversation
Cause you ain´t checkin´
For the kids swing with no
Girl can´t we please
Get past impressions
Cause what I feel for you
I swear is legit
Your girls tell you watch him
He´s an entertainer (entertainer)
They say I´ll hurt you and
Break your heart
(Your heart, your heart, but they)
But they don´t now well well
Just what I´m feelin´
From the first time I saw you
I loved you from the very start

I saw you ´rounnd my way
And I had to meet you
But I´ve got to let you know
I´m just somebody (somebody)
(Who wants 2 care) who wants 2 care for you
With lots of love and patience
(For you yeah, yeah, yeah)
Sp please understand
Why I´m taking my time
I´m fallin´ deeper and deeper and deeper
(Deeper, deeper, deeper) yeah baby
And I´m so glad
We had this conversation
Because girl, when it comes to you
There´s no confusion
(Baby I ain´t confused)
And I can´t get it in your head (no)
And I´m having a fit


(Young lady) young lady
I miss you in my life (yeah)
I´m on a mission
Just to please you right
(Oh yeah)
(Sweet lady) sweet sweet lady
Thought of no you cuts
Just like a knife
(Thought of no you cuts
Just like a knife)

(Girl I´ve learned)
Girl I´ve learned my lesson
No we can´t let others in
Misery loves some company
They don´t see it´s from within
It´s you for me and
Me for you
But first we must be friends (yeah)
I´ll keep my love comin´ and comin´ and
Comin´ babe
Girl we can win
Oh yeah